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Innokin Zenith II Tank Atomizer 5.5ml

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Innokin Zenith II Tank Atomizer:

The Innokin Zenith II Featuring a tighter and smoother MTL vape than previous versions, and coming with outstanding restricted direct lung (RDL) vape. The Zenith II includes two of the newest Z-coils, the 0.8 Ohm flavor maker and the 0.3 Ohm RDL. The Zenith II continues the super simple twist-to-fill top cap and the easy coil replacement system.


  • Brand: Innokin
  • Unit: 1 Set
  • Superior 304 Stainless Steel Tank Construction
  • 51.7*26mm
  • Pyrex Glass Reinforcement
  • Threaded Glass Locking Ring
  • 5.5ml Tank Capacity
  • Resistance range: 0.1ohm-3.5ohm
  • Thread type: 510 thread
  • Twist Top Fill System - Reveals Fill Port
  • Spring Loaded Leak Prevention System - Clean Coil Changes
  • Innokin Z-Coil Series
  • Package: Gift Box

Innokin Zenith II Tank Atomizer


  1. Easy twist top fill, 5.5ml e-liquid capacity.
  2. Changeable 510 drip tip and glass tube.
  3. Precise airflow control for both MTL and RDL.
  4. Compatiable with all Z Coils (The tank comes with 0.8 ohm and 0.3 ohm Z coil).

Each set contain:

  • 1pc Zenith II Tank (0.8ohm MTL Coil installed)
  • 1pc Spare Z 0.3ohm RDL Coil
  • 1pc Spare Black Glass Tube (5.5ml)
  • 1pc Spare Zenith II Tank RDL Black Drip Tip
  • 1pc Spare O-Rings Set
  • 1pc Quick Start Guide

Short review about Innokin Zenith II Tank Atomizer

The manufacturer suggests using evaporators of the Prism S line by Innokin - 0.8 or 1.5 ohms. The characteristics of the coils, as well as a miniature air intake, suggest that we are dealing with a simulated cigarette puff. At the moment, Prism T20S is sold separately, so if you are interested in buying a "cigarette box", you can pay attention to it.

This product allows you to replace the coil of your Prism T20 S clearomizer or your Endura T20 S electronic cigarette by Innokin at the value of your choice (0.8 ohms or 1.5 ohms). Prism S coils are designed to allow organic cotton to be perfectly soaked.

They are available in 2 values:

0.8 ohm: operating range between 16 and 18 watts

1.5 ohms: range of use between 13 and 14 watts

How to prime a Prism S Coil by Innokin?

To make the most of the flavours of your e-liquid, we advise you to pre-soak your coil before the first use. To do this, you just need to pour a few drops inside (from the top of the coil) as well as on the sides (small holes on the cylindrical part). The cotton of your coil will, by capillarity effect, "suck up" the e-liquid.

In order to perfect the priming, fill the tank and wait about ten minutes. Once the different steps have been completed, it's time to vape your favourite e-liquid! Buy online with delivery Innokin Prism S Coil 5pcs and enjoy your vaping.

When to change the Innokin Prism S Coil?

A resistor is a consumable part of your electronic cigarette. Generally, an electronic cigarette coil should be replaced every one to three weeks. Several factors will influence how often you need to change it:

Choose a suitable e-liquid: if you use a liquid with a high VG rate, the cotton and the coil of your coil will tend to clog up much faster than an e-liquid with a more balanced PG / VG mixture.

Adapt the power: a coil generally has an optimal range of use to respect (ex: between 15 and 30 watts). An unsuitable power (eg 40 watts) will tend to wear out the coil prematurely and burn the cotton (dry hit effect).

Frequency of use: the frequency of use is a determining factor in the lifespan of your coil. A vaper using his electronic cigarette all day and every day will have to change coil more regularly. 

Conversely, an occasional vaper who only partially uses their e-cig can expect the coil to last a few days or weeks longer.

All new resistors must be first soaked with liquid for about 10 minutes so that the cotton inside the coil has time to impregnate the liquid and then fill your tank with e-liquid. coil to an average lifespan of two weeks. When a coil begins to deteriorate, it is because it provides less smoke and an unpleasant taste will appear in the mouth.

That is, the sweeter an e-liquid is and the higher its glycerin content, the more it will tend to foul coil faster than other e-liquids.

The change of coil is a simple but thorough operation. To remove your worn coil you must unscrew the top cap as well as the bot cap. You must then push the coil up and down to get it out through the lower part of the clearomizer. Unscrew the tank base and pull on the resistor. 

The resistor is not screwed but clipped onto the clearomizer. When reassembled, the resistor must be well placed in its housing before replacing the tank base. Remember to change your resistors every 10 to 15 fillings. Beware the clearomizer must be empty when changing resistors.

When you put a new coil in the Prism T20S you have to be very careful to align the coil to the clearomizer so as not to leave any slits (risk of leakage). 

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Maggie  |  09/21/2021 Great Britain
I feel Vawoo will become the website we all going to remember for the rest of our lives. The prices are just wow. Cannot believe something like this exists.

Liam  |  07/18/2021 Great Britain
Yesterday was a great day. Me and my brother have been delivered Vawoo goodies. We have been expecting them for almost a week ( don't mind the wait ) but we have learned that Pandemic has changed the delivery schedule for most companies. Anyway, we are very glad we have found this website and we appreciate every well-wrapped delivered box because most stuff we order is fragile. Good service, everyone.

Betty  |  06/16/2021 Great Britain
last time I was here writing a review my parcel was still on its way. I thought I was about to receive a call from the delivery person but that didn't happen. I had to complain, later I found out that something went missing including my box. Of course I have received an explanation and a compensation but this left me a bit disappointed last time. although I always seem to be understand and I have been happy with the the products most of the time this was a very unpleasant case for me. I hope it never repeats again.

Nina  |  06/06/2021 Great Britain
What an incredible market. Can't even imagine how many products are here displayed. Thousands? Millions? Don't know if I will be able to browse through half of them even if I spend days here. This is very impressive I must say.

Maggie  |  05/29/2021 Great Britain
thankful and blessed for the opportunity to buy what I like. very supportive of all the creative ideas Vawoo staff have for this website. I constantly see the website improving.

Thomas  |  04/17/2021 Great Britain
fancy a great tank atomizer? then you are at the right place. the biggest choice for any customer (any gender and status).


Innokin Zenith II Tank Atomizer 5.5ml

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